Both parents and kids with asthma can breathe easy knowing they will be well taken care of at asthma camp. Asthma camp is exclusively for children and youth with persistent asthma. Many of the youth who attend asthma camp are not allowed to attend a "mainstream" camp because of their chronic disease, daily medications, or because parents are simply not comfortable not knowing the level of care their child will receive away from home.

Asthma camps are organized and staffed by highly trained medical professionals, including specialists, physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists to ensure the campers' asthma is well managed during camp through taking their medication and removing or managing asthma triggers. Asthma camps allow campers to connect with other kids “just like them” and experience the outdoor activities in a medically-safe environment. Activities vary at each camp, but many offer activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, arts and crafts, outdoor cooking, archery, high- and low-ropes courses, sports, and nature walks.

Researchers found that children who attended asthma camp, either day camps or sleep-over, were more likely to use their daily controller (preventative medication). In addition, children who attended asthma camp were 33% less likely to be hospitalized for asthma in the following year as a child with asthma who did not attend camp. Why? At asthma camp, campers learn about their chronic disease, signs and symptoms, how and when to take their medications, and how to participate in all activities even though they have asthma.

There are tools and resources available to help manage your child's asthma on the left.

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